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#NCML Transform Utility Demo
This file contains the code that is used in this NetCDF ISO XML generator. Although implemented for the command
line the core class that performs the transformation can be adapted to any interface.
##Useage --in_netcdf <nc_file_path> --xsl_file <xsl_file_path> [--out_path <out_path>, default=user's home]
##Build Steps
In order to fully install the utility you will either need root privileges or set up a virtualenv. Otherwise in order
to run the tool you will need to type "python" and then the path to the script. The intended install
steps are as follows:
1. Clone this repository from GitLab
2. Optional but recommended. Setup a virtualenv by using the command "virtualenv --system-site-packages <venv_name>".
This creates a virtualenv directory named <venv_name> and from there use the source utility by giving the command
"source <path to venv_name>/bin/activate. This activates the virtualenv and makes you able to install python modules
in your own user account without affecting the global environment, or requiring root privileges."
3. run "python nosetests --all-modules". This runs the unit testing suite and sees if there are any issues.
4. run install to install the utility. The utility can now be called from the command line without the need
to type "python", but the .py extension will still be there
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