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title: "NCAI Training Notebook R template for RStudio"
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> ### NCAI Training Notebook Template note to content creator
> The purpose of the NCAI Training Notebook Template is to make sure that material has a uniform
> appearance and that contain similarly structured material. The main sections are:
> * __Overview__ of the broad topic covered
> + __Prerequisites__ for what background information is needed to go through the notebook
> + __Learning outcomes__ from completing the notebook
> * The __Tutorial__ with a balance of explanation and activity
> * __Exercises__ for students to try that do not have solutions but maybe have an answer or
benchmark to facilitate understanding
> * __Next steps__ or potential follow on material
> * __Examples in NOAA__
> * __Data statement__
> * __References__
> As you fill out your notebook, make sure to delete the suggestion text.
# Notebook Title
* Creator(s)
* Affiliation
* History
## 1. Overview
In this section, include an overview of what this notebook will cover. Consider this an elevator
speech for the notebook.
### 1.1 Prerequisites
What information is needed to be successful in the notebook and provide links to other NCAI
material or external links. (We should maybe have a pool of resources that can be used here so
that developers do not need to do an extensive search)
### 1.2 Learning Outcomes
* What should someone learn from this notebook?
* What might someone be able to do once done?
## 2. Tutorial Material
Content or sections to incorperate here
1. Provide background
* to the science problem, and
* to the ML problem
2. Basic examples with toy data
3. More complicated example ideally with NOAA data
### Data section, optional
Scripts for pulling the data into the notebook assuming
## 3. Exercises
These should be extensions from the examples used above. The answers should be straightfoward to
get to. If a question includes additional outside material, make sure to link to a resource.
## 4. Next steps
Now that the student has learned the material, what is the next notebook either in for a series or
related material.
## 5. Examples in NOAA
What are some real world / NOAA examples of how this information was used?
## 6. Data statement
Link to the dataset(s) used in the example and/or additional information about the dataset. All
data used in these examples should be in the public domain and easily accessable.
## 7. References
If material in the notebook was adapted from other source material for NOAA, link to it.
Also, add other material either cited in the text or that extends content in the notebook.
## 8. Metadata
* Language / package(s)
* Domain
* Application keywords
* Geophysical keywords
* AI keywords
## 9. License
### 9.1 Non-federal creators
#### Software license
Select one of the following open-source, permissive lisences:
#### Content/description license
Please select one of the following Creative Commons attribution licenses
* CC BY 4.0
### 9.2 Federal creators
The statement in the "Disclaimer" section should suffice.
## 10. Disclaimer
This R Notebook is a scientific product and is not official communication of the
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or the United States Department of Commerce.
All NOAA Google CoLab Jupyter notebooks are provided on an 'as is' basis and the user assumes
responsibility for its use. Any claims against the Department of Commerce or Department of
Commerce bureaus stemming from the use of this Google CoLab Jupyter notebook will be governed
by all applicable Federal law. Any reference to specific commercial products, processes, or
services by service mark, trademark, manufacturer, or otherwise does not constitute or imply
their endorsement, recommendation or favoring by the Department of Commerce. The Department of
Commerce seal and logo, or the seal and logo of a DOC bureau, shall not be used in any manner
to imply endorsement of any commercial product or activity by DOC or the United States Government.
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