Commit 4b1cc362 authored by Carl Schreck's avatar Carl Schreck

Starting wave_phase

parent 4962c782
""" Read wave-filtered data for a point/box and calculate four phases based on
standardized value and tendency. """
__author__ = "Carl Schreck"
__email__ = ""
__copyright__ = "Copyright 2019, North Carolina State University"
__license__ = "BSD-3.0"
import xarray as xr
import sys
import cjs
# These are some parameters that could be useful to have up top
wave_name = 'kelvin'
in_path = '~/data/
cjs.tstamp('Here we go!')
cjs.tstamp('Reading and averaging')
cjs.tstamp('Calculate tendency')
cjs.tstamp('Standardize both')
cjs.tstamp('Calculate amplitude and phase')
cjs.tstamp('Write result')
cjs.tstamp('Thank you, come again.')
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