Commit aeff4cec authored by abuddenberg's avatar abuddenberg
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Per Brian, added support for deleting a contributor association on a publication

parent 2cc25e6f
......@@ -502,11 +502,7 @@ class GcisClient(object):
url = '{b}/report/{rpt}/chapter/{chp}/figure/contributors/{fig}'.format(b=self.base_url, rpt=report_id, chp=chapter_id, fig=figure_id)
data = {
'delete': {
'role': contrib.role.type_id,
'organization_identifier': contrib.organization.identifier,
'person_id': contrib.person.identifier
return, data=json.dumps(data), verify=False)
......@@ -581,4 +577,4 @@ class GcisClient(object):
return [re.match(r'\[.+\] \{(.+)\} (.*)', r).groups() for r in resp.json()]
# return resp.json()
raise Exception(resp.text)
\ No newline at end of file
raise Exception(resp.text)
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