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Explicitly setting chapter_identifier field on Figure object during update....

Explicitly setting chapter_identifier field on Figure object during update. has_all_assoc_imgs now also returns the subset of images that are missing
parent 8fa31b8b
......@@ -67,6 +67,11 @@ class GcisClient(object):
def update_figure(self, report_id, chapter_id, figure, skip_images=False):
if figure.identifier in (None, ''):
raise Exception('Invalid identifier', figure.identifier)
#Is GCIS not inferring this from the url parameter?
if figure.chapter_identifier in (None, ''):
figure.chapter_identifier = chapter_id
update_url = '{b}/report/{rpt}/chapter/{chp}/figure/{fig}'.format(
b=self.base_url, rpt=report_id, chp=chapter_id, fig=figure.identifier
......@@ -177,14 +182,19 @@ class GcisClient(object):
def has_all_associated_images(self, report_id, figure_id, target_image_ids):
figure_image_ids = [i.identifier for i in self.get_figure(self, report_id, figure_id).images]
except Exception:
return False
figure_image_ids = [i.identifier for i in self.get_figure(report_id, figure_id).images]
except Exception, e:
print e.message
return False, set()
if set(target_image_ids).issubset(set(figure_image_ids)):
return True
target_set = set(target_image_ids)
gcis_set = set(figure_image_ids)
deltas = target_set - gcis_set
if target_set.issubset(gcis_set):
return True, deltas
return False
return False, deltas
def test_login(self):
url = '{b}/login.json'.format(b=self.base_url)
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