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Added ability to skip processing certain questionable dataset identifiers....

Added ability to skip processing certain questionable dataset identifiers. Made debug output less noisy
parent 4d1186be
......@@ -23,13 +23,13 @@ def move_images_to_gcis(webform_client, gcis_client, webform_url, gcis_id, repor
gcis_client.create_image(image, report_id=report_id, figure_id=figure.identifier)
def sync_dataset_metadata(gcis_client, datasets):
for ds in datasets:
def sync_dataset_metadata(gcis_client, datasets, skip=[]):
for ds in [ds for ds in datasets if ds.identifier not in skip]:
def populate_contributors(gcis_client, contributors):
def realize_contributors(gcis_client, contributors):
for cont in contributors:
person = cont.person
org = cont.organization
......@@ -43,8 +43,8 @@ def populate_contributors(gcis_client, contributors):
print '\t', 'Ambiguous results for ' + person.last_name
print '\t\t', name_matches
if org.identifier in (None, ''):
if org.identifier in (None, '') and not in (None, ''):
print 'No ID found for ' +
# if not in (None, ''):
# org_matches = gcis_client.lookup_organization(
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